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Original MUSIC is produced in the Singer-Songwriter, Alternative and Soul/RnB genres and recorded on a Korg 32 track digital studio (recorded at 24bit, 44.1KHz) 

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April 2024: Floating into Wonder played on New Foundland radio station 

April 2023: Collect the Moment recorded in Alexander King Studio Nelson  

Jun 2021: All the Headlights covered by Daniels and Durgy

Dec 2018: Where Cigarettes Fall forwarded by Taxi A&R to Producer

Aug 2018: Love My Life selected by BuyNZ for audiovisual advertising 

July 2018: Don't You Walk Away selected by NY A&R for up and coming London solo artist

Oct 2017:  Another Kick selected for Berlin Radio program Breitband Deutschlandfunk Kultur

July 2017: Highest Room selected by US A&R agent for promotion to US singers/bands

Dec 2015: Rip Off The Scab selected by US A&R agent for promotion to US singers/bands

Dec 2015: Dream Destination selected by US A&R agent for promotion to US singers/bands

July 2015 Who does she live With semifinal place in the Song Of The Year original song contest

Mar 2013: The Afterlife awarded semifinal place in the Song Of The Year  original song contest

Oct 2012: Dunedin Sound reaches no. 19 on NZ on air The audience chart

Apr 2009: Is this Who I Think it Is becomes a top 10 finalist in the MLT Gold Guitar songwriting awards

Dec 2007: International Nationality accepted onto the North Island TLC radio network playlists

Mar 2005: Jack Johnson played on Nelson's Fresh FM radio station.


ALBUM HISTORY  All songs (c) S.W.Low

COLLECT THE MOMENT p Dec 2023 - Lyrical Pop Rock production - includes Collect the Moment

SLEEPS ON FIRE p Mar 2023 - acoustic lyrical songwriter production - includes Is This Who I Think it Is

THE F CHORD p Jun 2022 - acoustic RnB/Singer songwriter production - includes Poker Face, Honey Tap

LOOSE TOGETHERNESS p Jan 2021 - acoustic RnB/Singer songwriter production - includes Catch Up Lady

UNBUNDLED p March 2020 -  acoustic RnB/Singer songwriter production - includes Steamy

EMBERS AND SPARKS p December 2018 - acoustic RnB/Singer songwriter production - Includes Don't you Turn Away

ELECTRIC WIRE NIGHT p March 2018 - singer songwriter production - includes Another Kick

SWEET GASOLINE p August 2017 - singer songwriter production - Includes Highest Room

DREAM DESTINATION p April 2016 - acoustic RnB/Singer songwriter production - Includes Dream Destination, Love My Life                                  

SCARY RIDE p Aug 2015: Singer songwriter/soul productionIncludes Who does she live with and Rip Off The Scab    

OK EP p Jan 2015: Stripped down production: Includes Time Together

KIWI AMERICANA p June 2014: Alternative Country: Includes America by Car and She's not a Biker's Girl

LIFE & AFTER LIFE p March 2013: Alt-pop production: Includes We'll all meet again and Afterlife

DIAMONDS EP: warning contains middle of the road music: p March 2012 Includes Rumer

FOREIGN COUNTRY EP p May 2011: Country Rock: Includes California Country

33 RPM NIRVANA  p Jan 2010: Byrdsian Production: Includes Is This Who I Think It Is and Chestnut Mare   

HARDLY ROCKET SCIENCE  p July 2009: Dylan influenced production: Includes Living with my Sister

BLUE NOTES ETC  p Dec 2008: Transitional potpourri of styles: Includes Big Bird

INTERNATIONAL NATIONALITY  p Mar 2007: Singer songwriter production: Includes International Nationality

FLYING BOAT ERA EP P 2010 rerecordings of Flying Boats tracks: includes Jack Johnson 


LIVE PERFORMANCE - Acoustic guitar and vocal with Ted Key (Keyboards).

. Original songs and cover songs e.g Al Green, JJ Cale, Talking Heads . . .


Contact via     0272462154