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Original MUSIC is produced in the Singer-Songwriter, Alternative and Soul/RnB genres and recorded on a Korg 32 track digital studio (recorded at 24bit, 44.1KHz) 

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July 2018: You Don't have To fall In Love, Don't You Walk Away, Something Good In me  under consideration by                                              London producer for up and coming solo artist

Oct 2017:  Another Kick selected for Berlin Radio program Breitband Deutschlandfunk Kultur

July 2017: Highest Room selected by US A&R agent for promotion to US singers/bands

Dec 2015: Rip Off The Scab selected by US A&R agent for promotion to US singers/bands

Dec 2015: Dream Destination selected by US A&R agent for promotion to US singers/bands

Oct 2015: Rip Off The Scab runner up placing in Song Of The Year original song contest

July 2015 Who does she live With semifinal place in the Song Of The Year original song contest

Mar 2013: The Afterlife awarded semifinal place in the Song Of The Year  original song contest

Oct 2012: Dunedin Sound reaches no. 19 on NZ on air The audience chart

Apr 2009: Is this Who I Think it Is becomes a top 10 finalist in the MLT Gold Guitar songwriting awards

Dec 2007: International Nationality accepted onto the North Island TLC radio network playlists

Mar 2005: Jack Johnson played on Nelson's Fresh FM radio station.


ALBUM HISTORY  All songs (c) S.W.Low

ELECTRIC WIRE NIGHT p March 2018 - singer songwriter production - includes Another Kick

SWEET GASOLINE p August 2017 - singer songwriter production - Includes Highest Room

DREAM DESTINATION p April 2016 - acoustic RnB/Singer songwriter production - Includes Dream Destination                                  

SCARY RIDE p Aug 2015: Singer songwriter/soul productionIncludes Who does she live with and Rip Off The Scab    

OK p Jan 2015: Stripped down production: Includes Fire In the Summer house

KIWI AMERICANA p June 2014: Alternative Country: Includes America by Car and She's not a Biker's Girl

LIFE & AFTER LIFE p March 2013: Alt-pop production: Includes We'll all meet again and Afterlife

DIAMONDS: warning contains middle of the road music: p March 2012 Includes Rumer

FOREIGN COUNTRY p May 2011: Country Rock: Includes California Country

33 RPM NIRVANA  p Jan 2010: Byrdsian Production: Includes Is This Who I Think It Is and Chestnut Mare   

HARDLY ROCKET SCIENCE  p July 2009: Dylan influenced production: Includes Living with my Sister

BLUE NOTES ETC  p Dec 2008: Transitional potpourri of styles: Includes Big Bird

INTERNATIONAL NATIONALITY  p Mar 2007: Singer songwriter production: Includes International Nationality

FLYING BOATS & KITES P 2013 compilation 2007- 2015: includes Jack Johnson 

PRICES        all CDs $5.00         Free post anywhere in NZ   

LIVE PERFORMANCE - Acoustic guitar and vocal. Original songs and cover songs e.g Bob Dylan,  

Al Green, Otis Redding, JJ Cale, Talking Heads . . .

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